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How we work

Our goal is quite simple. We want to help you get treated.

Or more explicitly,

We want to help you get the treatment you want

  1. at a location that suits you
  2. at a price that you’re comfortable with
  3. at a clinic you trust
  4. at a time that’s convenient for you

We know that sometimes getting all the information you need in order to achieve these goals is frustratingly difficult, so we want to make it easy.

Whether you are simply starting to research your options, or you urgently need a clinic today, we want to make the process of finding, comparing, and contacting clinics as painless as possible.

So we gather pieces of information. The simple things like names, addresses and phone numbers. The useful things like opening hours, payment options and available appointments. And the decision makers and breakers like treatment lists, prices, and reviews from past patients.




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