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Penang My Home

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Who do you turn to if you need help on :

  • Independent advice on property purchase
  • Which orthopedic surgeon is the best in Penang? (who can help you with your backache)
  • Which contractor or interior designer you can trust?
  • Which shop gives you the best deal and does not rip you off
  • Who is going to follow up on your apartment renovation, visa application and all other tiny details when you go back to your home country (like settling the water bill before it is cut off)?

The assistance above will not be provided by property agents, lawyers, retirement consultant, immigration agents or movers. You need someone who can integrate all the work and help required for a painless transition to Penang.

That is where we step in. We will provide you a complete relocation solution, asking your visa application and actual relocation painless and easy.

For those who are on a fact finding trip to Penang (first trip to Penang), we will be able to arrange for a visit around Penang for RM140 for a short familiarization trip (4 hours).  The charges is to cover our transportation costs. We are not out to make a profit. We will take you to view some properties (not inside of the property), introduce Penang to you as well as going to “non-touristy” areas. Note that this is open only to potential MM2H applicants only. We are not into tour business and neither are we licensed to conduct tours. The main objective of this tour is to introduce Penang to those who are planning to retire here but have yet to visit Penang.


There are four (4) main and independent categories of services

  1. Application of MM2H visa
  2. Relocation assistance and/or follow up on the purchase of property
  3. Property Search (helping you find your dream property)
  4. Home management (individual unit of residence)


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