Overseas Mortgage Broker

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Overseas Mortgage Broker

Full Description

Our Overseas Mortgage Sourcing System enables us to check that you qualify for a>foreign national home loan and then search for the most suitable product to match your needs. We have access to international lenders who offer funding for home purchase loans and re-mortgage financing. We look at your overall financial situation and advise you on the best way of raising finance for your overseas property.

Property Agents can use our services to pre-qualify clients for mortgage lending. Both the agent and buyer can feel confident that the purchase can be financed.

Financial advisors can refer clients to Overseas Mortgage Broker and we will handle their international mortgage application, leaving you to liase with your client about any UK related business.

If you are looking for a mortgage on a property abroad then all you need to do is complete our overseas mortgage enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss your overseas mortgage requirements. Alternatively, complete our online Pre-Qualification form and we will be able to assess how much you can borrow and what it will cost you.

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