FAQs About Listing

Q. What happens to my listing after 30 days?

A. If you’ve chosen one of our paying options, you’ll be billed monthly and your listing will remain live. If not, you’ll receive an email alert 7 days before expiry.

Q. What if I need to change my listing?

A. You won’t be able to without involving a site administrator, so please check your content carefully before posting, and ensure you’ve filled in all the fields and uploaded everything you want attached.

Q. I submitted a free listing but I don’t see it on the site.

A. Free listings must be viewed and approved by an administrator. This rarely takes more than 24 hours unless we decide your offering is not appropriate for the site.

Q. The Basic (free) Listing doesn’t offer HTML styling. What does that mean?

A. HTML styling gives you the ability to add bold, italics, bullet points, indents, and other styling elements to your listing. Basic Listings are of the plain vanilla type.

Q. I see the Gold Package offers a Featured Listing. What is that?

A. It’s a listing that is showcased prominently in the image slider on the Main Page, and which appears above others in search results, highlighted to stand out.

Q. How do I cancel a recurring listing?

A.  By logging into your Paypal account. After you cancel, Paypal will send us a notification and we will delete your listing.

Q. I can’t upload any attachments, or not enough of them.

A. You’ll need to upgrade your listing package. In other words, cancel the one you have now and purchase a new one.

Q. I can’t make online payments. Are there other payment options?

A. You can wire or direct deposit funds into our Thailand or US bank account.