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Get Visa Go Retire

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This is an age of fast mass communication and travel. More people now know more about the world, international events and countries other than their home base than ever before. It is also the age of mass retirement after the boom in the birth rate all over the developed world after the end of WW11. Improvements in medicine and public health have ensured longer lives for most in the first, although not yet in the third, world. Life after a career is lasting longer for more. Today’s retirees also will probably be better off than the current work force or future generations. Generous, possibly over-generous, perhaps unsustainably generous pension schemes have ensured a rich and healthy non-working group which will live for longer after retiring than any of their predecessors. Although there are no longer dirty, dark, smoke-begrimed industrial towns full of slums and uneducated masses who know of nothing beyond their own close environment, of the struggle to live and their jobs, many people crave a life away from home. They have been to or know of environmentally friendly, low cost places with comfortable climates, good food and a slow paced life-style that suits retirement. Helping retirees or soon-to-be retirees to escape and to get to the places of their dreams are the reasons for this site.

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