Earn Money

There have never been so many opportunities to earn money abroad. That is not to say you can expect to be employable on setting foot in your newly adopted country, as the local immigration and labor laws will place obstacles in your path. If you’re moving from the developed to the undeveloped world the positions available aren’t likely to pay what you earned in your prime, but the reasons to be ¬†hopeful that you may be able to earn money overseas are many.

Demand for English Teachers

While some are calling this the “Asian Century”, the fact remains that for the foreseeable future English will be the most important second language to learn worldwide. From Seoul to Santiago, English teaching in schools and in private homes has never been in higher demand. Not all positions pay well, and some are frankly exploitative, which is why it’s important to research both the opportunities and the requirements for positions worth taking.

A visit to the listings in the Education category of this directory is a good place to start.

A Need For Special Skills

If you’re skilled in a particular area that is in demand, you may be able to get employment teaching privately or at an international school. ¬†A very valuable benefit of being employed at the latter, is often free tuition for children of faculty.

Online Employment

An ever growing number of skills can now be both marketed and delivered online. There are websites that specialize in bringing together people with expertise, and the firms who are more interested in qualifications, reliability and competitive rates, than in geographic location. You might identify those skills most in demand and hone or try to acquire more expertise in those. To learn more, visit the Employment category in this directory.

Business Opportunities

Sometimes local laws make it easier to go into business in a foreign country than to get a job. If you’re going abroad as a couple and one or both of you still has dreams of fulfilling entrepreneurial ambitions, you may find opportunities in foreign markets that are saturated at home. If you have some cash to invest, do your homework, and hire the right expertise to carefully vet the possibilities, the purchase of a franchise or a distributorship might be the way to go. Visit the Business Opportunities category to get started.