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We have invested a fortune in the experience of the people who are about to retire. And when they do, we risk losing this investment. At the same time, people are living much longer, remain active and want to stay engaged.

Also, research has shown that older workers are more willing to work flexible schedules, have a stronger work ethic, relate well with customers, are committed to quality work and are more loyal.

The model of a working life followed by a inactive retirement is outdated and doesn’t match what people want. We think the experience of mature people should be used for the benefit of the economy and the benefit of the people!

Are you mature, experienced and looking for opportunities to make your experience available, as worker, mentor, consultant or whatever?

Register as a resource!

Is your company short of people? Think about using someone experienced – part time, full time or once-off. Register and search the resumes in the database or post your needs for the members to see.


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