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Maria Luisa de Castro is the director of the team: Maria was born in 1973, is married and has have two children: Teresa (2) and Jacobo (4 months). She went to Law School at the University of Seville (from 1990 to 1995) and started her doctoral programme in Constitutional Law (1995-1997), then started to work as a Lawyer.

In 2000 she visited the United States for the first time, to work with David Coolidge in an interdisciplinary programme in Family Law in Washington DC, (she still belongs to two professional fellowships there: The Witherspoon Fellowship and The Blackstone Fellowship). She stayed in Washington till August 2001 when, about to be hired and start working under this wonderful mentor, David was diagnosed with a brain cancer and died in 9 months.

After this painful loss ( he was a mentor, a colleague and a friend) and back in Spain, she restarted her activity as a Lawyer in the Law Firm founded by her father (Jaime Castro), where he, her two brothers (Jaime and Ignacio de Castro) and associated lawyers work at the present moment. . This law firm, which has an extended experience in litigation since its founding in 1988, is hired by her as her litigation team (they do civil, commercial, company, administrative, family and criminal work law and litigation). This allows her to devote 100% of her time to an individualized client legal information and service and to legal writing for English speaking people in Spain.

She did her MA in University of Navarre from 2002 to 2004. In September of the year 2004, she got married in Grazalema.

Her husband, Luis is a video editor and right now is 100% involved in the raising and education of the children. Although starting in the Family Law field she is rapidly becoming a specialist in legal assistance to English speaking people in Spain, where she has found a challenging emptiness to be filled. She is passionate about filling that gap.


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