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The Strengths of our Medical and Nursing Care

Medical care

Choice of physician and personalized care
During your entire stay, you are placed under the sole responsibility of your chosen physician. Additionally, you are followed by a single anesthesiologist who ensures your care before, during and after your operation.

A complete range of services

All major medical and surgical specialties are available in the hospital, allowing you to avoid unnecessary travel when you require further medical advice. This results in quicker diagnoses and access to treatment, leading to a shorter hospital stay.

Accredited physicians

Doctors at the American Hospital of Paris are senior physicians from the university hospital sector, and are in most cases, chef de clinique, or have an equivalent level.
Doctors undergo a stringent selection process which guarantees their level of skill and experience, and are reevaluated every 2 years.

Diagnostic capabilities

Our medical professionals have access to a complete range of ancillary services which employ the most advanced technology available. This responsive medical-technical platform provide all the equipment that is required for rapid investigation and treatment on-site, again ensuring that your hospital stay is as brief as possible.





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